Torah Portion #15 Bo… (Exodus 10:1-13:16)

by on January 15, 2013

In this Torah Portion we see a scripture being fulfilled;

Then Our Creator  said to Abram, “You can be sure that your descendants will be strangers in a foreign land , where they will be oppressed as slaves for 400 years. But I will punish the nation that enslaves them, and in the end they will come away with great wealth.” -Genesis 15:13-14

And the reason why the children of Israel suffered for 400 years in Egypt…

And Our Creator said to Moses, “Pharaoh will not listen to you so My wonders can be multiplied in the land of Egypt.” – Exodus 11:9



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  1. Hi, Paul…do we know what people did in Bible days to heal serious infections? I presently have a serious one in my right eye, which can potentially make me go blind; it is the cold sore virus which has moved from the nerves in my lip to the eye, and this is my 3rd episode of it, and it is scary!
    I thank you so much for any comment that you may have, Paul. Judy

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Hi Judy, I would consider going to the doctor in your case and see what they suggest. I can answer more once I know what they suggest. You don’t have to follow what they say but this sounds serious. Most things can be healed naturally but it’s okay to see what the doctor says.

    • great teaching but disagree on one point. we are in essence still in slavery here in the u.s just look @ the back of the dollar bill,look 2 the various monuments in washington,there will be an endtime exodus that will eclipse the ancient one

  2. Thanks Paul for the teaching. My question is found in 1 Corinthians 11:17-22. It says when you come together in one place, it is not to eat the Lords Supper. What I am getting from this is that the only items we need for the Passover is the unleavened bread and the wine and the foot washing found in John 13:7-15. Some of these large elaborate seders to my understanding are in error. Please help me with this so I will know how to prepare for the upcoming feast.


    • tlmadmin on said:

      Hi Doug, Many of the elaborate settings are Jewish Tradition. Not needed but not harmful as long as they are not creating a stumbling block.

  3. I have a question. I own a small health food store and it is in my front yard. Is the requirement to remove leavening at Passover apply to my store or just to my home.?
    I also was going to ask about the seder plate etc used in most Passover meals today. Is that anything that applies to us today as asked in the first comment above.

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Your home but I would also think your store is considered your home if you own it. To plan it safe, best get rid of it completely for both. The passover traditions that are not in the Bible are okay to keep but we are not required to. Many are added traditions such as the passover plate if I understand your question correctly.

  4. I am loving the weekly video Torah Portions. Thank You.
    Can you explain how single ( young to senior) persons who have no congregation, can have Passover and the other Festivals at home.
    Do we just follow what Torah says, or is it an elaborate Seder type dinner that I have seen in times passed?


    • tlmadmin on said:

      Follow Torah as close as you can. it is good to do it with others but if you are alone that will be find also. Our Creator is always with you. Most local Jewish congregations have a passover often open to the public. There are also many messianic assemblies around the Country. See if there is one near you.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you so much. I very much enjoyed this.
    I always wonder why Yahweh said ” I have harden
    Pharos heart. I always wondered why on earth
    Yahweh did that.

    You said you are a believer in Yeshus the
    Messiah. I am too. I like to say, ” I am a follower
    Of Yahweh. And a believer in Yeshua the Massiah. I hope I am not being too picky, but in Yahwehs word
    I think we never could be to picky. I would never say : “I am a believer or follower of Yeshua alone. I would always have to include Father Yahweh. So when people ask me ” what are you”? ( I really do not like
    This question, but my heart always knows if the other
    Person is asking me with love and turlly want
    To know who I follow). I like to say I am a follower of God. This is all such a touchie topic. So many people believe what they were raised with. And what ever side of the earth you were born on. Well any way people can be very scared of words. If I said I was a follower of Allah or God, that really to me does not answer the question. I believe with all my heart God has a name and it is Yahweh. nd if anyone asked me that I would tell them. But over my life time I have learn my life with my Heavenly Father is mine. I have spent my whole life in groups that of Christians where you just are not allowed to say what is in your heart. I gues I am losing my place as to where I am going with this 🙂 I really like this teaching and time spent in my creators word. I love that Yeshua said ” the Father is greater then I” I love to have others to fellowship with.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Paul,

    I have a question about leaven in the home. I am a student and my two children and I currently live with my parents. I am concerned about the commandment to remove leaven from the home. Torah is a new revelation in faith for my kids and I. My parents are not believers. What do you suggest as far as removing leaven from the home?

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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