The Truth About Your Walk with Yahweh

by on July 26, 2020

It is so

(#216 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)
For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases suffering. (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

When a man begins to see things as they are, pain (thought turmoil) is increased. When the truth is illuminated, the number of lies one perceives is magnified as well, including blatant deception. Deception is food to the intellectually dishonest person, who would prefer to be told what truth is, rather than to gain spiritual discernment for himself. Sloth and laziness, first mental, and then physical, become apparent to those who gain understanding (“Binah” of the Tree of Life within you). The enlightened one begins to decree what the Father has already made known; “You are inexcusable, O man!” (Romans 2:1) Everything becomes clear, every excuse becomes easy to detect.

Once the deceptive ways (mind paths) of man (carnal thinking) become so easily detectable, love seems impossible. Seeing behind the veil actually makes it more difficult to increase love for mankind. It becomes obvious that the only way to have an authentic sentiment such as, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do,” is by supernatural intervention. It is only Him in you that makes you capable of love, and this comes only with daily supplication and practice. For he who practices righteousness is righteous.

Then self-loathing may come as you realize that you too are guilty of the same hypocrisy. You realize you are exactly what you despise in the blatantly sinful. The pain in your heart (mind) is compounded, as even the “perfect days” you have lose their glory because of one “bad day.” The battle inside, the one between flesh (carnal nature) and spirit (mind of the Messiah) consumes you. You detect the inconsistency, yet you have no ability to correct it on your own. This inner battle can lead to many sleepless nights as you recognize the disdain you have for the “you” in you. This is necessary as you must lose your life to find it (Matthew 10:39). But, “There is a life to live, mouths to feed, and debts to pay.” Which life is real; which life do you lose? The answer is simple, yet not easy; “Seek first…!” (Matthew 6:33)

And so we see why wisdom increases grief and sorrow, and by seeing only the surface of it all, we acknowledge there is so much more to learn. When you come to this beautiful place, “Be still and know that He is Yahweh.” (Psalm 46:10) And then, be wise enough to do this for just a moment; thank Him for the chance to figure it all out.

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