The Truth About The Bible Book of Galatians

by on August 26, 2013

The book of Galatians is often misunderstood. Avi Ben Mordechai wrote a book about this topic and in this video explains what the book is really about.
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4 comments on “The Truth About The Bible Book of Galatians

  1. Kim Bolewine on said:

    It doesn’t seem necessary to change the wording of Galatians, Paul is only saying that they are not justified by the law (not to live as if they are justified by it), but he is not saying not to obey it, He is only saying that being circumsized has nothing to do with being justified….we are justified by Messiah, and then sanctified by our obedience to His word. Blessed by obedience in our relationship to Him. But we are justified by His works and nothing else. I don’t see a need to change the wording to understand that Paul is talking about justification by nothing but Messiah’s works…not our own. Do you believe we are justified by faith in our Messiah’s works alone and then sanctified by obedience to His word/Torah? I have heard you say in many of your videos, we are saved by Grace, but obey the commandments out of love? We have been set free from the penalty of sin by His works and His grace allows us the freedom to walk in His commandments? I have always been told that Grace is for falling, not for jumping. So when we fall, we have the grace of our Messiah that keeps us from being bound to the required penalty of the law…our Kinsman Redeemer keeps our justification in tact with the Father….but our sanctification and blessings come through obedience to His word…..forgive me for being redundant. I’m just trying to be as clear…I didn’t see anything in Galations that made me think Paul was not talking about the law…he was telling them they were not justified by circumcision or any other part of the law. We are justified through the work that our Messiah did and nothing can be added to that to make us more justified…our love for Him causes us to love His word and want to obey it, so we are sanctified by obedience to His word/Torah.

  2. Kim Bolewine on said:

    Good morning, I have been thinking more about this video and want to make one more comment. But first I want to make it clear that I am writing these things not to tell you what know, I am writing to see if I am understanding what you are teaching and believing and to see if there is anything I am missing in basic doctrine. So I would appreciate your feedback.

    Okay, this is what I am undertstanding about what Paul is telling the Galations…he is telling them they no longer need a tutor because God’s love, through the Holy Spirit is now abiding in then. But Paul is not telling them not to live by Torah. He is dealing with people that he believes are in danger of “doing” the commandments of the law, but not with the understanding that they are in no way justified by them, he is trying to make their justification is not by keeping the law. That is why in several places in the NT Paul speaks of love for G*d and love for others…G*d’s love in us does fulfill the law because His love acts in accordance with His commandments. Paul is teaching them that it is a matter of the heart….when their heart is right and they walk in the love of The Holy Spirit, they will be obeying from the inside out and it won’t be outward actions only…which is what he Pharisees were doing….they not only added to the commandments, but their hearts were not right, there was no inward regeneration and no relationship with their Creator, it was all a bunch of mechanical acts that made them very puffed up. So I think this is what Paul is warning them about and being so concerned with….he was concerned about their inward spiritual condition, that their hearts and minds were believing on the Messiah’s provision and that they could not be anymore justified than they were if they had the blood of Messiah covering their sin debt. From reading Paul’s writing at the end of Galations, they were not walking in the Spirit, they were boasting in their works and treating each other badly and doing things contrary to the commandments. That is why it appears he has to tell them what the deeds of the flesh are and the deeds of the Spirit and why he fears for their spiritual condition. He appears to be questioning their salvation.

    I look forward to your input/response. I would like to know more how your guest in this video came to the conclusion that Paul was not talking about the Law, as I would like to look more into that. Is there a web site that explains more how he came to that conclusion?

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