The Christian Reality…Deception

by on May 22, 2013

This is an important message of how the Church is teaching a false gospel.

2 comments on “The Christian Reality…Deception

  1. Ralph on said:

    Notice that none of these so called Christian speakers are filled with love. Each has rebuke on their hearts and although they admit that we Hebraic roots people believe in salvation through the LORD they hate us. Why? because we are seeking the truth and they are deceived.
    Keep sharing Torah! and serving the LORD!

  2. Craig Mills on said:

    What is truly amazing to me is that these so called preachers call God’s Word sin. This is just like calling the Son sin. They are truly double minded and unstable in all their ways. I was once one of them who declared obedience to God’s word legalism and sin. I have ‘tshuvah’ and ‘mikvah ‘ and have returned to His ways. Their salvation is based on emotional experience and not the word of God! Faith comes by hearing the Word of God-Torah! We are saved by faith in the Word/Torah and obedience Is the proof of our faith.

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