by on July 09, 2020


(#193 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

I pray that the eyes of your heart [understanding] may be enlightened… (Ephesians 1:18)

To hear, taste, touch, smell, and see…or not!

What would your perceptions be if you minimalized the use of these senses?

Don’t lose “sight” of their ultimate limitation. Can any of the senses provide greater faith? It is possible; however, as the carnal nature manipulates them so easily, it is very unlikely. Perhaps a more balanced perspective is required in order to evaluate what your senses perceive and the limitations they have. Certainly, in the realms of higher understanding (consciousness) these senses are not even necessary. When you are completely connected in the Spirit, then is this not the Tree of Life you eat from? This connection plugs you into the knowledge of all things as they truly are, not the misguided perceptions of what you see in the natural? This is the connection to the highest order of energy (frequency). I Am, as you know, the Master scientist.

The losing of your life (Matthew 16:25), many times, means leaving behind perceptions of life and Spirit as understood by your senses, and discerned by your carnal nature. If faith is the evidence of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1), then stop trusting in everything your senses can perceive on earth. Yes indeed, the senses can be a great tool to navigate inside the dimension I placed you in; but, it is for the wise to know the limitations of these senses. Can you imagine an existence where spiritual perception (the mind of the Messiah) is accessible at all times? You would constantly experience everything that is perfect throughout eternity. Everything would be in perfect harmony. Speak to Me about these things. Open your spirit to Me. In silence, listen with only your mind, leaving all senses behind.

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