Proof That The New Testament Does Not Replace The Old Testament

by on February 16, 2016

Many Christians foolishly claim the guidelines taught in the original covenant is done away with and replaced by the new covenant. It is actually an original and renewed covenant, not Testament and the law is actually the Torah and it has not been done away with. In the Scriptures, Messiah calls those who do not follow Torah foolish.

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  1. lauralee on said:

    I am so grateful that I found your great teachings…Yah has been telling me for a while :eat only my foods…live foods” I was vegan for awhile, felt great…fell back into eating garbage…now at 56 I am suffering all sorts of health issues…and, I need to again, return to what He designed me to eat…I am struggling with candida, thyroid, and C-PTSD has kicked my butt…I am fighting to regain my health but it just seems like such a slow battle…I have lost so much muscle and strength…I got out of a horribly emotionally verbally abusive marriage,its been 2 years and I am still physically sick…can you give me any direction??? I eat organic, go to a chiro, got off medications via an intense detox cleanse…don’t know what else to do…I can barely walk a mile….I have shooting pain in my hips..I just am at a loss so I thought, what the heck, I’;; try to reach out to you and see what happens…Shalom brother…

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