Health and Diet According To The Scriptures by Paul Nison

by on February 16, 2016

Here is my lecture Diet According to The Scriptures. by Paul Nison

One comment on “Health and Diet According To The Scriptures by Paul Nison

  1. Did you mention 1Timothy 4:3, Genesis 9:3, and Romans 14:2-23 in this video? I haven’t watch it yet. Remember our faith is in God and not in our diet although God does satisfy our mouths with good things so that our youth is renewed as the eagles (see Psalm 103:1-5) If we believe in Jesus, even if we drink poison it won’t harm us ( see Mark 16) not that we should test God ( see Matthew 4), but if we are thankful for our food and pray over it it is good as long as we have faith to eat it. ( See ” whatsoever is not of faith is sin” Holy Bible search).

    I am glad that God healed your irritable bowel disease by Jesus stripes on the cross ( Isaiah 53:5). I am also glad you have not shipwrecked your faith doing things you think you are not supposed to do.

    Your healing is coming more from your faith in God, that you believe on His Son Jesus Christ and you do what You believe He requires of you.

    You believe He requires you to eat a raw diet, but for someone who feels guilty about eating fruits and vegetables, it may not help them. Jesus saves, not fruits and vegetables, although the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. The Word of God saves.

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