No Fear If We Care

by on March 03, 2020

Do We Really Care?

(#065 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)
Father, Your ways are far superior to ours; we will trust You, even when Your power frightens us. We will not place our trust in another. We won’t even concern ourselves with how You will deliver us. All we need is to hear Your voice say, “I Am the Almighty; walk before Me faithfully and blameless.” (Genesis 17:1) Speak and we will follow.

You have taught us many things Abba and these are what come to mind, these are what permeate our consciousness:

1. You will not stand for Your children living in fear of man;

2. Fear of man is sin in Your eyes. It says, “I don’t trust You Father;”

3. Throughout Your word you teach Your children that they will never be dismayed, condemned, shamed, or humiliated;

4. You instill in us that shame and condemnation wreak havoc in the minds of Your children because Your children disobey. Though Your love can restore it all, lack of faith only supports the shame within;

5. We do not need to defend ourselves and the only battle that matters is the battle to believe You;

6. You demonstrate Your consuming love and jealousy for Your children;

7. You remind us about Your Son’s death and how the shedding of His blood brings the fullness of Your power into our lives. Life is in His shed blood;

8. You command us to worship and praise in what seems like our darkest hours and that by obedience to this You will cause the sun to shine again. Joy and prosperity will come.

So Father, we don’t care what others may say. We will radically do as You say. If man is to align with us in our efforts, You will show us. Otherwise, we are sold out to You alone. We need to see Your word come true for us. We need You to forever remove any fear of man in us, and any irrational fear we might have of You, and replace it with awe and a mesmerizing addiction to You. So be it!

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