Messanger or Angel

by on July 18, 2020

Mind Load 2

(#202 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©) 

Messengers: those sent on official business; the official messenger or “message” of Yahweh Himself. Because of the fall (the idea that you could choose rather than obey), even the messages need to be filtered through the Kingdom within (sifted like wheat). This requires the forsaking of all temptations of the ego itself. We spoke last time of the humility needed for the true messengers.

Some messengers speak directly to you loved one. “Are they not all ministering spirits [not flesh] sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14) They may whisper to your mind resulting in thoughts that, at once, cause a conviction to do what you would have never before considered doing. And of the malakim [erroneously called angels] He says: “Who makes His malakim spirits and His ministers a flame of fire [conviction].” (Hebrews 1:7) These supernatural implants are directly from Yahweh into the conscience of His redeemed, and those under His judgment. They are, at each specific instance, the malak of Yahweh.

In Hebrew the word malak (mal-awk’) means to dispatch a messenger. From Genesis to Malachi, the use of this word is understood as “sent message” planted into the conscience of the mind of man, redeemed or judged. Your tendency to only see (perceive) in the physical realm leaves you vulnerable, vulnerable to believe that the message must be delivered by a being, even a spirit being, on whom you must drape a physical form or likeness.

The Hebrew Scriptures never discuss malak as having any specific “form.” In addition, there is no word in the Hebrew language that translates into “angel.” It would not be until Grecian times that the word “aggelos” would even appear. And even then, the true intent of the definition of a malak, as denoting a “message” and not always a “messenger,” was better understood. Later on, a sent message, either individual or corporate, always seemed to take on a physical form to satisfy the human eye, rather than for the perceptions of the human mind. The choice was carnality over spirituality loved one.

This very message (malak) is being delivered to you, not from “angelic” beings, but from Yahweh Himself. He does this through His seed planting process within you, which always is expressed through the malakim. For instance, the malak “Michayl” (Michael) is that which has been placed within you that would elevate your wisdom of Yahweh. It makes you cry out, “Who is like Yahweh,” which is the very meaning of the name Michayl!

Through proper understanding of the visitations you’ve had since your realization of redemption, you can then appreciate the many accounts wherein Yahweh has visited you through a miraculous internal process. How many of you can be honest enough to confess that you have been trained to believe that some of the greatest miracles you witness will involve a visitation from some outside source, and yet, it rarely ever happens, thus leaving you wondering if maybe you are in the right place with your Creator? It’s a trap loved one; a trap purposely set by those who would deny the authority of Yahweh and have you believe in pagan rituals. But no more! Show yourself worthy to conform to the truth of the only One who gets to declare your worth.

For now, you are receiving the messages for yourself, and perhaps others, and the messages have the greater rule. You have been made a little lower than them (Hebrews 2:7). But, one day you shall rule over these messages. You will become One as they are One. And then, you become the message! Haven’t you already acknowledged this very process before? The word becomes flesh. In other words, the fullness of all of Yahweh’s commands manifest in the physical. Now it’s your turn!

“Go therefore. . .!” (Matthew 28:19-20)

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