Manage Your Flock

by on June 28, 2020


(#182 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

Woe to you shepherds who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? (Ezekiel 34:2)

Have I not told you that your disobedience will mean your removal? (Jeremiah 23:3-4) You preach and teach of saving the lost; meanwhile your fold, whether many or few, has scattered and wanders aimlessly (Jeremiah 23:1-2). Your heart identifies weak and misguided “sheep,” yet your only sacrifice for them is words. You make no time or personal effort to prove that the words are true. All of your effort ceases because of conflicts in your schedule. Who told you I wanted mouthpieces for the masses? Salvation is Mine, and if you paid attention, you would forego your altar calls and replace them with think-tanks. Imagine many of my chosen people, each with unique gifts and talents, all working together to bring unity. Today’s shepherds will not be tomorrow’s and tomorrow’s shepherds will not be lauded by the masses.

Instead, I raise up murderers, adulterers, prostitutes and tax collectors, while you seek out credentials. More specifically, you seek those who comply with your mindsets. You cry of the freedom found in My Son, while you burden My people with man-made doctrine. You overextend the gifts that I have placed in you, beyond their intended purpose, and take on self-imposed burdens in hopes that they appear holy. You use your church attendance, number of ministries, or “number of spiritual activities” that you make available, as indicators of your commitment to Me. And then you expect My blessings to follow. The more people you impact with your “busyness” the greater you feel is your anointing. I’m not impressed. Seek first the Kingdom was My Son’s admonition! (Matthew 6:33)

Foolishness, I say! Many men want their ears tickled (2 Timothy 4:3) by your emotional speeches. I Am the one who saves; and I don’t need you for that. Stop trying so hard to save the other lost ones when the truly lost one stares at you in the mirror daily. All who have ears to hear—comply or it shall be torn from you.

A good assessment of your shepherding skills can always be determined using powerful questions. Rather than telling someone you love them, ask them if they feel loved by you. And then do the unthinkable; ask them if ever that love has failed them.

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