Divine Discipline

by on April 15, 2020

Bound and Released

(#108 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

For Yahweh has bound all men over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on many. (Romans 11:32)

Yes My child, this is how I left you, shackled and bound. I cannot release you until you fully understand where you are. Only a prisoner truly rejoices in freedom. Only a prisoner understands his limitations. Confess to Me. Tell me you understand that you start in prison and move on from there. Tell Me that you perceive your complete inability to break the chains on your own, at all! And may I remind you that these chains are of your own doing, the works of your own hands (mental grasping) and heart (center of intellect).

In order for Me to truly set you free, you must see your prison. You must understand prison was a choice you made and would continually make, apart from My mercy. Your heart will only ever confine you.

Rejoice, for My mercy has overcome your judgment of death. My mercy removes the shackles. My mercy puts a new song in your heart. From the pit (self-reliant thoughts) to the palace (unity of heavenly thoughts), I will bring you. I will then release you to do My will on the earth. You will operate in obedience and you will come to love My plan for you.

Yes, this is another pattern, an unshakeable pattern. You confess your lack; I bring My power and provision. You will never be able to conquer on your own. On your own, your choice is to gratify “self.” Yes, just like Adam, you will always disobey. Yes, on your own you only gratify yourself. Tell Me you see the bars that surround you. Tell Me you can hear the shackles that bind you. Only then can we begin the work. I have an eager expectation for you. Now let’s go!

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