Though I Doubt, Yet Will I Believe

by on March 14, 2020

Though I Doubt, Yet Will I Believe

(#076 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

www.sufferwell.orgAll of life’s mysteries can be summed up in one idea—faith! Do we really believe our Creator? Do we truly take Him at His word? Have we made the transition from head knowledge to faith, to things beyond our understanding? In other words, have we moved from possible belief to precise action? If we truly believed the Creator, if we truly took Him at His word, we would never fear, never lose joy, and never doubt.

I have known you for years my brothers and sisters. The way of man is in you. Yes, you tell me you believe, but I don’t believe you. I can’t anymore. Your faith has not allowed you to cross over; it has not become belief in action. I can no longer live with a belief like that; I must believe more than that.

My mind is focused on one thought only. “Did Yahshua ever worry about anything? Did He ever doubt the absolute goodness of the Father?” No! No! No is the answer; and this means that in the garden, when He might have been tempted to doubt, He fought through it before doubt could manifest. I too must step, no, actually leap over to this place, and acknowledging my doubt first is the only way to get there. I know in my head that His ways are the only ways to the have the life I am called to; now I need to put action to my belief.

Please birth true faith in me Father. I want belief in its purest form, belief that acts. Only You can show me that everything You say is true. Show me it’s all true Abba. Show me what You will do for the one who truly wants to believe, the one who wants to see their faith manifested.

2 comments on “Though I Doubt, Yet Will I Believe

  1. Lorie on said:

    I haven’t watched you in some time. Today I watched the
    YouTube dealing with the Coronavirus. Wow, you were so spot on. I really enjoyed your message today. It really hit home. I learned how to really study the bible from friends who were SDA. They were upset when I questioned Ellen White.

    I have gotten away from studying the Bible, just lazy. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for all you do and getting me back on track.

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Thank you. My suggestion is get in the word as much as possible. and listen to worship music if you don’t feel like reading

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