The Law Of The Mind

by on January 31, 2013

If you want to discover how to discern between the law of sin (dishonor) and the nature of Torah (honor). Rabbi Ralph Messer has a teaching called “The Mind Of A King.”

Pathways of thought in your mind were designed by Our Creator to cause you to expand His kingdom in the earth. A road map of sorts, for you to follow throughout life’s journey, as you grow in the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God, found in the Torah. The Word (Torah) of Our Creator actually teaches you how to think. It’s the Journey of Sanctification!

Did you know that there are five types of brainwaves and each correlates to a Book in the Torah? Alpha Genesis; Beta Exodus; Theta Leviticus; Delta Numbers; Sensory Deuteronomy

There’s another invisible kingdom, however, that is at work to thwart Our Creator’s plan for your life. The HaSatan’s  kingdom is one that attempts to introduce thoughts contrary to God, which strips you of your royal robes as kings and priests in the earth.

In this interview Rabbi Messer gives a brief description of his long teaching, “The Mind of a King.”


One comment on “The Law Of The Mind

  1. Should it not be the other way ?
    Delta waves (0.5-4 Hz) Genesis;
    Theta waves (4-8 Hz) Exodus;
    Alpha waves (8-13 Hz) Leviticus;
    Beta wa­ves (13-30 Hz) Numbers;
    Gamma frequencies (30-42 Hz) Deuteronomy
    Gamma is in your text Sensory
    It makes no sense;
    People do not think

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