The Heresy of Skip Moen and his book Guardian Angel

by on February 21, 2021

Here is the link to the article I read

Here is the book review of Guardian Angel by Daniel Botikin

Here is the article written by the author of this article about what it means to be a helpmate.

2 comments on “The Heresy of Skip Moen and his book Guardian Angel

  1. Hi Paul,
    Could you tell me what to do if your husband is a”catholic” in name only and doesn’t oractive any religion. I realize the Woed doesn’t make exceptions but it is more difficult for me to trust his decisions even though he is much more “moral” than I ever could be without being all in for Yah. I have been trying to let him lead but he can also be harsh at times. When I told him I wanted to celebrate Purim, Passover and jeep the Sabbath he aid “we are not Jewish, we are Catholic.”

    • tlmadmin on said:

      shalom Jackie, I suggest reading 1 Peter 3 and follow what it says. I know it can be hard but we have to trust Yahweh can change hearts while we take joy in praying for others.

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