Our Creator Has A Name And It’s Not Jesus

by on January 02, 2011

Today we have a very special guest, Bible teacher, Andrew Gabriel Roth who answers the question, does our Creator and His Son have names?  The answer may shock some people but you need to hear this! Andrew has done his research and is 100% correct!  Be sure to check out his website at http://www.aent.org

4 comments on “Our Creator Has A Name And It’s Not Jesus

  1. gayle anderson on said:

    Is it Yehshua or Yahusha? I had thought it was Yahusha. I don’t like all this confusion. The Almighty is not the author of confusion.

    • Archaeologists have found many references ot the name Y’shua or Yeshua in first century Israel. The Hebrew root is Yod-Ayin-Shin, but which of the these spellings is better is a matter of the transliteration chart used. Both are correct. The name was not Yashua. The difference above is because some charts use the E to represent the “sheva” the silent vowel, while others use an apostrophe.

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