Health & Diet According To The Scriptures

by on December 21, 2012

Here is a lecture I gave about the important message of what the Bible has to say about health and diet. This lecture is over an hour long. It i the full lecture.

4 comments on “Health & Diet According To The Scriptures

  1. JD Harvey on said:

    Brother Paul…I truly enjoyed the message you shared at the lecture(You really are a preacher lol) Keep up the Great work for Yahshua… that is…Preaching the Gospel of Health & Wellness Through the Scriptures!

    Shalom ~JD~

  2. Patricia on said:

    Hi Paul,
    What a blessing your teaching is,especially at this moment,and time. I’m under the weather and Yah gave me just what the doctor ordered a good laugh.”Thank-you so much,be blessed.”

  3. Paula on said:

    Hello, I have enjoyed two of your studies, however I love scripture, Book, chapter and verses to share with others, if you could include the scriptures with your studies that would be a blessing.I teach a womens group and assist with a Messianic group, Scriptures are so important to have. Keep up the good work.

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