Do You Call Yourself A Christian?

by on January 01, 2012

In Acts 11:26 of the Bible it says the original believers were called Christians. Is that a correct translation and can believers today call themselves Christians or something else? Check out this video for the answer. Here is the link to the Rico Cortes Video I talk about

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  1. Carlos on said:

    Hi Paul, I’m a member of a Messianic Jewish congregation in Memphis, TN. I’m a gentile believer and follower of the Messiah. I just wanted to ask where can I get Messianic Jewish literature in Spanish so I can share it with my family? Are there any reliable Messianic websites? Thanks and Shalom!!

  2. I recently converted to Messianic/Netzarim Judaism, praise be to Yahweh! However, I have a problem- there is no Messianic synagogue or congregation in the town that I live. There are 3 traditional Jewish synagogues and there are churches. The only Messianic gathering in about an hour away from where I live in Lincoln in a city called Omaha. I want to join a synagogue as Rabbi Yeshua did, but would like some advice. Until I find a means to move, should I join a synagogue or a church- as you know one rejects Torah & the other rejects Messiah..

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Shalom Nate, There is much fellowship on line. I would for sure check out the one an hour away. even if you just go once a month it is fellowship you may enjoy. At a good church you may find good fellowship. Most likely not but it never hurts to see what’s out there. Are you sure there is nothing closer to you for Messianic? Where did you check?

      • Thank you Paul and Shalom to you also! I checked online and by driving around asking people- no one knew. Website suggestions, Google maps, & Messianic sites listing congregations by State only showed me the Adat Hatikvat Tzion Congregation, in Nebraska where I live. A church doesn’t sound like the place to go because as we know Rabbi Yeshua HaMachiach didn’t come to start a “church,” which has pagan roots stemming from Roman and Eastern/Oriental Catholicism’s “Christianity” from the incorrect substitution of the Greek word Christ for the word Messiah. It is heartwarming to learn that many Christians are coming out of the church & belief in the gentile “Christ” and are recognizing the teachings of the B’rit Chadashah as a continuation/completion of the same Faith and instructions recognized by the term Judaism. I am very grateful of your words of encouragement to attend the one congregation I can go to for now, despite its distance, and be with sisters and brothers like yourself who believe in Torah and the Messiah as part of Yahweh’s one Message, not two religions.

  3. I’m glad there are people like you with the audacity to expose Christianity for the pagan Roman Constantine-instigated distortion that it is. I think it is immensely helpful that more Messianic/Netzari followers of the Way of Torah expose the Mithraic Greco-Roman underbelly of the Christian teaching. It helped me come out of the Christian confusion, the mind-boggling irony that the most anti-Jewish religion in the world claims to follow the most Jewish Man in the history of the world. May Adonai in His mercy show them the Truth & help us all. Shalom brother in Messiah.

  4. Dennis Bredlau on said:

    I live in the Greater Eau Claire area of Wisconsin….how
    far away is the nearest “Torah Life Ministry”?

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