You Don’t Know Your Bible If You Don’t Know Hebrew!

by on December 05, 2013

How much do miss when you read your Bible in English? Possibly more than you think. Check this interview out with Avraham Ben Shalom. His website isĀ


3 comments on “You Don’t Know Your Bible If You Don’t Know Hebrew!

  1. Joyce E. Savannah on said:

    Thank You. Finally, there is someone who is teaching the truth of learning Hebrew. Praise YHVH and Blessings to you in this wonderful revelation.

    • Tiffany on said:

      I don’t know exactly what ur referring to Beth but I Assume you’re talking about Kinderling a fire on Shabbat this is miss understood By many,it means that you can’t Kindle fire to do work. It is perfectly acceptable to prepare your wood for your fire to heat your home before Shabbat and keep it going During the Shabbat. Just make sure u have everything PREPAIRED before shabot starts. The Father wants us to be warm… Just not working to do so. I hope this helped. Many blessing for u.

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