Yeshua Said… Part 12 (Matthew 5:43-48)

by on July 11, 2012

This is part 12 in the Yeshua said series. In this video I talk about what Messiah Yehsua says about loving all people.

5 comments on “Yeshua Said… Part 12 (Matthew 5:43-48)

  1. Bernard H Bruning on said:

    In looking, listening & focusing on the “Yeshua Said” series, I hunger and thirst more for faster ways to learn more of Yeshua like this. I strongly want more of the Truth, the Way, and the Life, which is Yeshua. I need and rely on Messiah to light up the way to continually be with Him dispelling darkness as we are step in step together. Knowing His Word does this! I thank our Wonderful Creator for what you have done and are doing. I’m glad our paths crossed last August in
    Chicago’s workshop. …Praise be to Yah!

    • tlmadmin on said:

      Shalom, I’m glad our path’s crossed also. I’m going to do some more Yeshua Said videos soon, I’m going to try next week. Stay tuned. 🙂

  2. I can forgive the wrongs that have been done to me by others. How do you forget the wrongs when those who do the wrongs, continue to try and do more wrong to you because they kindness for weakness? Should you stay away from them? Forgive them but don’t be in their company?

  3. Christine on said:

    Hi Paul,
    Definately a tough pill to swallow. I watched this episode twice because this issue is a very difficult one for me. These words of our Messiah have always ‘tripped me up’. Your presentation on this is very good, and I can ‘feel’ Messiah’s presence in your words. I need to lean on Him very hard for this one…take His yoke.

  4. Greetings – in your analogy of seeing someone getting beat up on the streets: you said whether we know them or not, we are to defend them. I believe its biblical to step in and take their place so they can escape, however if we hurt the attackers in any way then we would not be loving them. Yeshua gave us the perfect example. We are to be as harmless as doves; as sheep to the slaughter.

    Wondering your thoughts on this. God bless you.

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