Torah Portion #43 Masa’ei (Numbers 33:1-36:13)

by on July 02, 2013

This Torah teaching starts on the plains of Moab explaining Israel’s journey up to this point. Next in Chapter 34 it explains the boundaries of the land when they go into the promised land. Chapter 35 explains towns for the levites and cities of refuge for the people who committed murder. Chapter 36 is the last chapter of the book of Numbers and gives the instructions for woman who inherit property.

In regular years read this Torah Portion with Parashah 42, in leap years read separately.

One comment on “Torah Portion #43 Masa’ei (Numbers 33:1-36:13)

  1. Awesome teachings on our first Torah Portion of B’Resheet. Such blnesisgs have we received from Yahwey, as He opens our eyes wider and clears our ears so that we may hear and see our hidden Messiah revealed through these words.Rico, saying a huge thankyou seems so insignificant for the pure gold nuggets that your heart is so willingly reveals to all of us. How truly blessed we all are to share these hours with you! May Yahwey bless you abundantly for giving of your heart and your time to give us revelation from the heart of our King. Thankyou.

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