Torah Portion #14 Va’era (Exodus 6:2-9:35)

by on January 08, 2013

In this Torah Portion Moses spoke to the people of Israel who Our Creator had told him, but they wouldn’t listen to him because they were so discouraged, and their slavery was so cruel. Than our Creator sent plagues in Egypt and the people listened.

7 comments on “Torah Portion #14 Va’era (Exodus 6:2-9:35)

  1. Blessings for your work, you and your family.
    Wonderful Torah Portion. More understanding, and direction for me to follow for our times today.
    Shalom My Brother

  2. Keith Needham on said:

    Hi Paul, I found it interesting how you said that Moses staff turned into an alligator. I have never heard of this before & I guess it really doesn’t matter if was a snake or alligator but the thoughts I had were, a staff resembles a snake more than an alligator & I have heard that if you spin a snake by the tail, the blood will rush to the head & the snake will become stiff till the blood realigns, something I don’t think I’ll try. Appreciate listening to your Torah portions. Shalom. Keith & Bernice.

  3. Georgia on said:

    Shalom Paul,

    Watching your video on Torah portion will now become part of my saturday afternoon in addition to my personal reading. I find it enlightening and very helpful in my study. I live here in South West Scotland and I don’t have like minded community to join and I’m glad I can watch and listen to you in your website.

    Blessings and more blessings,

  4. Barbara Romano on said:

    I have been a christian and have been studying the bible for many, many years, but have not understood it the way I do not since I have been learning with you your teaching is easy to understand your love for the Word pours out to the listener(me) it fills me with the desire to learn more and more. Thank you so much

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