Torah Portion #12 Vayechi (Genesis 47:28-50:26)

by on December 25, 2012

In this Torah teaching, Joseph is reunited with his brothers and father Jacob. Jacob blesses Judah, Joseph and his sons Efhraim and Manasseh.

5 comments on “Torah Portion #12 Vayechi (Genesis 47:28-50:26)

    • I love the weekly videos you are providing, and I have adopted your way of studying through the week, then watching your video on Shabbat. Thank you.

      In today’s time I feel like Noah and his family must have felt before the flood except I am alone. I have no one I can truly trust. Is it wrong to stay to myself and study Torah when I find so many who do not want to abide by or even hear the truth of Torah???

      • tlmadmin on said:

        hi Joyce, Fellowship is great if you have good fellowship but if you can’t find any study by yourself is fine. ALso there is a lot of great fellowship on line.

        • The blessing of Joseph two sons the younger being more great. With Esau and Jacob (Israel) we saw that there would be two nations. Rival people the Younger greater than the older. The Esau sold his birthright did not care for spiritual things just physical. then Jacob supplanted him and was given his blessing. With Ephraim and Manasseh we are not told why Ephraim would be greater than the older brother. There does not seem to be something in his character to make the younger one greater than the older. Am I missing something here? Also Joseph dies before any of his brothers and I have always been told the years you area given is related to you honoring your mother and father. Can’t understand why after all the hate the brothers had felt for him and acted on it. Why they days were more plentiful?

  1. gayle anderson on said:

    I have noticed that the younger brothers are receiving the greater blessings, blessings reserved for the elder brother. Like Jacob over Esau,(well, Jacob tricked him out of it, but YHWH had promised it to him anyway), then Joseph over his brothers, then Ephraim over Manassah. Why is this?

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