The True Gospel

by on July 03, 2012

Without Yeshua Messiah you have nothing!

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  1. To break the Torah is one thing, but Christians have been taught that the Torah is not for them, and in so doing the Torah is despised and treated as second rate or of no real significance.

  2. I just watched the video, The True Gospel and at the end you said something. It may have been a mistake. Just wanted to clarify. You said that He hates people that don’t keep the Torah. He doesn’t hate the people, He just doesn’t like that their not obeying the Commandments or living by them.

    • tlmadmin on said:

      We know He has the ability to hate. Does He hate people who don’t live the way he suggested? With Him we find grace and love but we also see hate in the scriptures. I do not think Yahweh hates everyone who breaks His Torah. I am corrected if I said that. Each situation is its own.

  3. Kim Bolewine on said:

    Greeting Paul,
    So am I understanding you correctly that you are saying that before the Messiah came, that when 2 people were found in adultery or any other offense that the penalty of the Law said they should be put to death, that they were not actually put to death? That the Law was not literal?
    Thank you for your response in advance.

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