The Law Was And Is Unreachable…

by on October 22, 2014

I reply to a comment that was made under one of my videos from my “Yeshua Said Series”
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Here is the comment he left me about that video that I replied to.

I think you have a miss understanding concerning what most churches believe or teach concerning the law or the Torah. It is our belief that the law was and is unreachable and that is why sacrifices for sin offerings had to constantly be made during the time of the law or Torah. However when Christ Yeshua layed down his life as a living sacrifice this for filled the law. He was and is the last sacrifice needed for the forgiveness of sin. We believe that once a siner accepts Christ, Yeshua in their hearts they become one or apart of him therefore you don’t have to try (key word try) to follow the law because the word which is Christ now lives in you teaching you, guiding you, and convicting you when you deviate from His will. So as you can see we no longer live under the law (which is on the outside) but through God’s grace it now lives in us. Because God’s word lives in us and is apart of use we automatically seek to do his will. I’m not saying that we are always successful

but we repent by asking God to forgive us in the name of His son Christ Jesus-Yeshua and we press forward to be obedient to his will. Through the law we could only be set free or forgiven for our sinful error by making a sacrificial sin offering. God no longer requires this from us because we are living under his grace. This in no way means we can just go about doing what ever we want! No we seek to please our Father in heaven through the prompting of his Holy Spirit. I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions. PS: I like your term renewed.

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  1. Kelly Jackson on said:

    I have been watching many episodes and agree with what you say as I have been listening to many points of view about what Yeshua and the talmudin had said taught and lived and how the Christian church has led people astray from him and his message. I am convinced in my heart that the Torah is for us today and always has been for us. The disconnect comes when we say that the Torah is done away with. That is not correct because how can something have a penalty if it doesn’t exist? How can we be saved if there is no penalty? What would we need to be saved from? If someone eliminated Paul’s writings, it would be obvious that the Torah is for us today. But people cherry pick verses because they want to live in sin and these verses are made into doctrines. I need to have an open heart and mind to be able to learn new things from the Lord. The church will reach a crossroads one day where they have to choose to seek the Torah. I see many people actually following parts of the Torah even though they say it was done away with. We in my church, read all of God’s word and we believe it all. There was a time that I thought that certain parts were for Israel only.. This thinking is perpetuated today. Bless you and your ministry. I ordered the One Man Bible. I had a difficult time finding the Hebrew Roots Bible that you showed in one episode as I attempted to order it. I ordered also an Aramaic English Bible. I had previously purchased the CJB and noticed that the NT was probably translated from the Greek and not any Hebrew or Aramaic sources. Some say that it would have been written in Hebrew, translated to Aramaic, then to Greek. That would be three times and the correctness of the translation process would be in question. But we must trust God and that he preserves his word, and yet he gave us a brain so we can think also so if the evidence is in front of us we should not avoid the truth. People are so afraid of the truth. I am currently part of a Baptist Bible Believing church. I am looking for a Torah observant, Sabbath keeping, feast keeping congregation. I know that there is a messianic congregation close but I haven’t visited yet.
    Bless you and your ministry,
    Thank you
    Kelly Jackson

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