The Law of God vs. The Will of God

by on November 16, 2017

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  1. Jennifer Robinson on said:

    I am truly sorry your friend is spiritually blind. I experience this with my own catholic relatives that do not wish to open their eyes. I am far from perfect and I sin daily but I TRY to do better and pray that our father sees this. I appreciate your preaching on this topic! May our father continue to bless you!

  2. P cronk on said:

    I believe that God judges hearts and no one knows an individuals heart other than God. We do not know how God will judge our individual sins. We all sin and fall short of Gods will and promise. It is important that we all join together in the word and follow and pursue our walk and personal relationship with Jesus. I believe that this person (your friend) may each day turn his heart over to Jesus as he bows before the foot of the Cross. By doing this he repents and then follows. His heart is in the right place. Your heart is in the right place. I do believe that consequences follow sin regardless. I believe that as Christians that we are missing out on true and additional blessing by not following the jewish laws if you will. Could it be that if we ate as directed in the old testament that we would not have cancer? Food for thought! GOD only judges HEARTS. Guard your Heart.

  3. Michael W Cuber on said:

    Agree with everything you said Paul. Those oft quoted Proof texts “the Law is Nailed to the Cross”, and “Christ abolished the Law in His Flesh,” need to be studied more carefully in the Original Greek. In Colossians it is “our Record of Sin” (kiergraphon) that is Nailed to the Cross. In Ephesians, His Spirit “Abolishes the Emnity in the Flesh of him (our hypothetical One New Man) in Regards to Law, and in Regards to Commandments.” The Translations we have do not translate “Ton Nomon, Ton Dogmas” properly; Ton means in, of, in regards, to; these verses were altered to give a Roman Antinomian view in Regards to Law just as was warned in Daniel ch 7.
    Paul in Romans ch 3:31 says, “Do we then nullify the Law through Faith? May it never be! On the contrary we establish the Law.”
    There are no contradictions when the Scriptures are translated correctly!
    Shalom B’Yehoshua HaMeshiach V’Amet!

  4. “Christianity” has been a system of lies and brainwashing for nearly 2000 years that ONLY the Holy Spirit can break thru to. Church goers are actually inoculated AGAINST the Truth, even while having full access to a Bible that clearly states the opposite of most of what they are taught. They just believe their Pastor and whatever denomination they choose to follow instead of actually reading and studying the Bible for themselves. Then when a person does go the Pastor with some truth he learns on his own, he is run out of the church so that he won’t “infect” the others with the truth! This is how you know those “churches” do not belong to God, they belong to the Pastor.
    Torah keepers can plant seeds here and there, but most people (esp. “Christians”) will never get it, and worse do not want to get it—hence the broad way. When my husband (former RC) and I found out the truth about x-mas/Easter we had absolutely NO problem in immediately throwing that tree with ALL the ornaments right into the trash. That was before we understood about the Hebrew Roots. Before getting to know our Hebrew Roots, we learned a lot in the Home Church Movement and came out of Babylon—but still felt something was missing. I was raised an Independent Fundamental Baptist and it took a lot of mental exertion and prayer to break free of other lies (against Torah) that the Institution teaches Christians because it is a STRONGHOLD on the mind. What they teach “sounds” right until you put it up against the Truth and for me, putting it up against the Truth repeatedly until it sunk in and displaced the lies I had been taught since birth. Finally the scales were removed and it seems so clear now, but it wasn’t easy. Even non-church goers are unwittingly taught wrong in a “christian” society, therefore many of them, too, are at the same disadvantage.
    I think it is being VERY generous to call church goers “believers” as they really are NOT believers at all–how can they be? What are they actually believing???They have no true belief at all when you consider that “belief” equals obedience, which many barely do, and some may obey a few more commands, but not enough to be “peculiar” and actually be walking in the Messiah’s footsteps. It is completely true that many Jews RIGHTLY recognize that “Jesus” is a false prophet who came to do away with the Law of Moses (which is actually God’s Word/Law) when the Word clearly says that a true prophet will NOT teach against the Law of God, so he can’t possibly be the Messiah for that reason, not to mention all the murders of both the RCC and Protestants after the Reformation in “Jesus'” name! They truly have a different gospel and a different god, but viciously claim the Hebrew Roots people are off the mark!
    This is one reason why I might ask for prayer from someone like yourself in the Hebrew Roots movement that I have followed and can trust—I can not ask church goers who really are not true believers to pray for me (even after years of trying to get them to understand only to rebelliously refuse to open their eyes–some even after asking me what I would do in their situation where they have serious problems and I tell them to start observing the Sabbath, etc.—they would rather suffer than obey!!!) –I need to know that the person praying is doing their best to be right with God according to the Hebrew Scriptures, serving a Hebrew Messiah, doing things His way, so that I have confidence that prayers can actually be heard on High.
    It really is not all that hard to obey Torah, you just have to WANT to know and understand the Truth and apply it—(even though no one is perfect 100% of the time).
    Keep up the good work and try not to be too disappointed when people you have worked with and striven with have not had their eyes opened–they may never. Out of all the family and many friends we have, only my mom and step-dad are Torah observant and glad that we shared it with them so that they could know the truth.
    Thank you for your ministry.

  5. Debbie Brandt on said:

    Thank you Paul standing for truth. People mold
    The bible to “fit” their goodness but its not our
    goodness that gets us to heaven but following
    Gods Word and repenting, trusting Yeshua as our

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