The Biblical Calendar “Sabbaths and New Moons”

by on October 30, 2013

There are religious groups that profess they are keeping the appointed feast days at the correct dates and everyone else is wrong.
Herb Solinsky ( explains in this video about why some people keep lunar Sabbath, new moons and the reason he believes most people are missing the sign of when the year truly starts.

One comment on “The Biblical Calendar “Sabbaths and New Moons”

  1. Thank you for showing thoughts about the calendar. I too have been hearing several disputes on the subject.
    Paul, it is important to discuss these things and not just throw such ideas without research …
    Remembering, “the vail is lifting and NOT lifted”
    Each of us , praying for discernment, are at different levels of understanding.
    The amazing thing to me, is that those that are seeing now, beneath their vail, are moving more rapidly than ever.
    Respectfully, Sixto

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