The Bible Commandments

by on October 03, 2013
This is a question I get many times and answer it as directly as I can. Still some people do not seem to understand.
My friend and local radio host recently asked me in an interview if I try to keep all the commandments. After I told him I don’t because there are some commandments that I can’t keep, he didn’t seem to understand.
Please listen to this quick interview and tell me if you think I answered the question clearly or was my answer confusing. 

6 comments on “The Bible Commandments

  1. I thought your answer was perfect.

    You said everything that was important. Now if the Father wills, the interviewer will consider all these things and hear and understand. It might even take months.

    Listen to the recording yourself. I think the Father was definately using you to talk to this man.

    Love your shows.

  2. I am not certain that you could have made it any clearer to the interviewer. I am also not certain that he was giving you his full attention. He seemed distracted either with something going on in the studio or was more focused on his line of questioning than the answers that you were providing.

  3. Joyce E. Savannah on said:

    The interviewer does not understand that there is no old and new testament. There is only one testament from Genesis to Revelations. If he can’t understand this, he may not understand anything else you have to say. People love man made traditions and they need to stop being arrogant, come out of these traditions pay attention and seek the truth of and ObeyTorah.

  4. You are right Paul not all OT commandments are supposed to be followed. The old testament has animal blood sacrifices that were being done. In the new testament covenant Jeshua was the ultimate sacrifice so we don’t need to do animal sacrifices for forgiveness of sins. Big difference! That is the kairos defining moment that creates the difference between the Old and the New Testament. So no, we don’t follow every Old Testament command. You are correct. I thank Our heavenly Father we don’t do blood sacrifices today.

  5. Well said in your response. So many times I have heard that the laws of Torah were abolished along with all 613 mizvot… I never saw any one in the Christian community questioning why worship gatherings were held on the first day of the week and pork was the main course for several holidays. I struggled for truth and got ignorant responses from elders and ” pastors”. I tried explaining that our messiah went as a light to the Gentiles, but was not himself a Gentile. Eventually I left the church because I realized I was a Jew or striving to be grafted into Israel.
    Keeping the commandments was the best decision I made for myself and my family. Of course, it is not always easy, but Yeshua said it would be through the narrow gate…
    Now, my struggle with Almighty has lessened a great deal. I am happier and healthier, and convicted like never before.
    I recently have been struggling with the story of King David and Bathsheba… And wonder if you might share some wisdom on the subject of multiple wives which goes back to Lamech, son of Cain. Many men including King David took multiple wives and in David’s case even was given him the wives of Saul according to the prophet Nathan…. I can not accept that the act of taking on another wife was godly as it begets jealousy and envy ( Sarai & Hagar’s story among others)
    Some in the Jewish community accept that men are allowed 4 wives and a king was allowed 18…. Is it not man and not Almighty who devised this ungodly practice?



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