Son of a Traditional Rabbi Accepts Yehsua (Jesus)

by on November 19, 2013

The son of a traditional Rabbi, Jeremiah Greenberg was educated at the Hebrew Academy of Washington (DC), and the Talmudical Academy of Baltimore. During his teen years he became restless, seeking meaning and purpose in life, and eventually, at age 18, he left Judaism behind for a season, and went “the way of the world.”


Looking for answers, he became an active spiritual seeker in his early twenties, and eventually purchased a mountain farm in the hills of West Virginia, where he built a log cabin and lived pioneer style – for many years without even running water and electricity. He called his home a spiritual community. Although raised with a deep prejudice against Jesus, he eventually began to accept Him as an “Avatar,” that is “god in his generation.”

Since then, Jeremiah has remained rooted in the Messianic community, while seeing Jews and non-Jews as equals in the body of Messiah. Receiving the vision for Messianic Liturgical Resources over twenty years ago, he has used his strong traditional Jewish background to produce spiritual, Hebraic liturgical materials. Having a vision for many areas of Messianic congregational and home life, Jeremiah is very involved in a variety of activities within the Believing Community.

Jeremiah’s website is:

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