Sabbath Live Fellowship Hangout August 7th at 10pm

by on August 07, 2015

Paul Nison and Teddy Wilson join 9 other guests to discuss Bible topics.

Here is this weeks Torah Portion videos
Torah Portion #46 Ekev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25)

This is the teaching by Paul Nison for this Torah Portion

This is the teaching by Teddy Wilson for this Torah Portion

10 comments on “Sabbath Live Fellowship Hangout August 7th at 10pm

  1. We all read from Torah. Paul We also read from Brit Chadasha, Let us recount the Words of Yeshuah and Saul, and let us not make greater the burden of keeping the word of righteousness, for both he who eats meat and he who does not, both Bless the LORD who created all.

  2. Jessica Green on said:

    Shalom, shalom! Just popping in to say “Hello.” I’m not feeling well this week, but Pete and I will try to make it back on the hangout next week. Prayers for you all from Baltimore.

  3. Teddy, and all, Shalom Shalom!!!
    Can a man show to other men his own will and intentions of his heart? A last will and testament, letters, written words ,pictures , today, videos of the expression of his will and hearts intentions?
    Our Father In Heaven shows His Heart Felt Will And Intention, in All His Spoken Words,in all HIS creation, From the first utterance of the fullness of all the known and unknown frequencies of LIGHT and SOUND, His utterance whom born of the Father came forth separating the pure fullness of HIS LIGHT, from the darkness. Truely HIS heart filled intentions and will are one in being with HE From Whom the intentions and will of Heart has come forth. HE the WORD is the very definition of string theory. As HE spoke, ” I and the Father are one! As well as HIS SPIRIT. ELOHIM (plural) GODS, is ONE ELOHIM – (plural) GODS.
    Always Sincerely,
    Rev.Rich Childers

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