Sabbath Issues and Love

by on February 06, 2021

Sabbath Issues and Love

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  1. Michelle on said:

    Father and his Daughters

    The daughters ask their father if they can go to the movie theater to see a movie, he asked them if the movie had any profanity in it and they said maybe just a little but it was a good all-around movie.
    So, the father said ok but let’s make some brownies before you go. So they were putting all the ingredients together but the father said there’s one ingredient I think we should add, he said to his daughters, go outside into the yard and get some dog poop and they said no way that’s gross but the father said I’m only going to put in just a little.
    The moral of the story is, a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. Be careful what you think might be good.

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