Sabbath Bible Fellowship Friday June 9th at 10PM est

by on June 09, 2016

Join Paul Nison and 9 other guests as we discuss Bible topics

8 comments on “Sabbath Bible Fellowship Friday June 9th at 10PM est

  1. I like to hear what Chris said about Sabbath cuz it’s awesome same thing happened to me I asked to have the Sabbath off and I thought it would be a big hassel but they gave it to me with no problem! I was so grateful and excited my prayer got answered I think I cried!

  2. Im not sure if you’ll as this but any thing about nanoteched food? I’m just starting to look into it scary as GMO!

  3. Yana Berkowitz on said:

    Requesting support in google hang-out from the health awakening conference.

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Sharing the grief with you – you are not alone.


  4. bright danquah on said:

    Am Bright from Ghana and am a member of 7th Day Philadelphia Church of Messiah. I love your teachings and I need your videos

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