Lovers of Sin

by on April 12, 2014

What do you say to Christians who love to sin?

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  1. Donald Bernhardt on said:

    This was a great teaching and something that we can all relate to, I’m sure! I am having difficulty with helping a friend to discern that homosexuality is even a sin. My friend seems to believe that it is hurtful to a homosexual to be told that it is sinful, but I believe it even more troublesome that we would remain silent or even encourage the homosexual to remain in their sin, especially since we know where that leads. Aren’t we called to help the sinners to understand where that life leads (always in love) but still in a truthful way? I liken it to having a child who wants to run free but I as a parent know that my child will need boundaries so I set them. What does it do when my neighbors tell my son that it is good to run wild and that he should ignore my teachings, or for that matter whom does it serve if my neighbors see my son’s bad behavior but remain silent so that I never find out about his mischief? Does it serve my son well or is it more likely to just encourage him to keep doing the mischief? These might be lame comparisons for the sin of homosexuality but I feel that we as a society have done them much harm by making the actions of homosexuals to seem normal and even healthy lifestyles when we are told just the opposite by the Scriptures and for that matter some psychologists and doctors have found that homosexuality is harmful to homosexual men and the psychologists have found it can be harmful to any and all homosexuals!
    Is there a pleasant way to inform that homosexuality is an abomination unto God?

    • tlmadmin on said:

      I say let the word speak for it self. Not everyone will like to hear it but too bad for them. Thanks for your reply.

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