Live Sabbath Fellowship Friday Night Dec 4th, 10pm EST.

by on December 02, 2015

Join host Paul Nison with guests as we discuss Bible topics.

The Torah Portion for this week is
Genesis 37:1-40:23

Here is the Teaching for this weeks Torah Portion

12 comments on “Live Sabbath Fellowship Friday Night Dec 4th, 10pm EST.

  1. Cynthia McArtor on said:

    One of the 14 people that died was a follower of 119 ministries and spoke of his beliefs to his co workers. 119 sent out a facebook post about him asking for prayers for his family.

  2. Anthony Buonsanto on said:

    Referring to the 15 year old’s video. Aren’t there Prerequisites that need to take place before Yeshua returns ?

  3. Amanda on said:

    I have been studying hanukkah to see if it’s ok to celebrate. I see all good but then in 2 kings 17 the god negal (shamesh) who is the sun god in the article it talks about the lighting of the menorah and lighting it for him not Yahweh… Can you shed some light on this ? Sorry if I asked to late

  4. Esther on said:

    Shabbat Shalom Paul.
    The media keeps saying that a Messianic Jew had made one of the California killers upset at work about his religion. What should the Messianic leaders be saying tomorrow in their congregation?

  5. Nikolai Petters on said:

    shabbat shalom Paul. could you please email me that number for the prayer line. and also do you know how to find a link to the video of the kid you were talking about. sorry but my pc is acting funny. needs updated.

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