Is Eating Meat Okay In The Bible?

by on March 18, 2015

Someone is asking me about meat in the Bible and is it okay to consume. Please post any questions you have about the Bible below.

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  1. Bryan D Holton on said:

    I stumbled on to your site because I have been looking for the truth and about the Torah I in joy your readings and your healthier eating program looking forward to learn more

  2. Daniel Frohman on said:

    Thank you for this enlightening video. My question is, as Messianic Jews, as opposed to Rabinnic Jews, how strictly do you think we should interpret Yehweh’s command “do not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk” (deut. 14:21)? Should we interpret this as modern rabbinic Jews do, meaning any meat and milk, or is it more literal, actually related animals?


  3. What do you think was done with the morning and evening sacrifices? Not to mention the 70 bulls each Sukkot… Food did not go waiste…we would not be be here patiently waiting to be saved if meat Spoken by Our Messiah in 1st person plural was not kosher, i submit.
    Way too much focus on the here and now regarding basic truths….we have enough confusion just by showing the difference beteen jesus and Yeshua..only 1% know the difference but it is growing by your good works…We have freedom as long as the ~613 are observed showing our personal …time to move on to what You do best…Spread the Good News of the partial fullfillment of the promises to Abraham and “Get Ready” to usher in our King, i submit. In Y’shua

  4. I do believe we do need to eat meat in moderation. If you look in scripture in the Torah like Cain and Abels story when they gave offerings to Yahway, Yahway regarded Abels offer what happened to Cains anger and shame.. My father and I did a summer long wilderness living adventure my father is Cree Indian in Canada our summer is two months to plan to live you need to buy enough supplies to last peas beans, flour and living off the land my father showed me what Yahway provided in the land from currents, clover, wild carrots and rasberries strawberries making heathy tea and starshy foods. the hardest thing was hunting because our creator provides on his time not ours. That what I learned from Yahway. I also spent alot of time reading my bible by candlelight and oil lamps, praying and it was the best time because I had no concept of time just being natural with nature and natural with Yahway.

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