Holy Days VS. Holidays

by on December 18, 2014

An online event featuring ministries across the Net!
Online Video Panel with:

Paul Nison – Torah LIfe Ministires http://torahlifeministries.org/
Lex B Meyer – Unlearn http://www.unlearnthelies.com/
Zachary Bauer – New2Torah http://www.new2torah.com/
Sal Baldovinos – T’shuva Ministries http://teshuvaministries.net/

Four ministries united in Torah bring you an hour-long video presentation and panel discussing current events as it relates to the Scriptures.

In this panel, the gentlemen introduce themselves and share their insights and testimonies on: Holy Days vs. Holidays – how we interact with our family & friends during the secular “Holiday Season”.

This will be a video that is shared that night (pre-recorded). Live events will happen in the future so you can interact with the panel!

One comment on “Holy Days VS. Holidays

  1. Excellent. Answered a lot!!! I like the slowly incorporating into family and unconditional love of Messiah. I didn’t have heart to dismiss ma 107.9 year old Nana this Christmas and break her heart. I will b celebrating Hanukkah though and Shabbat regularly. Thank you very much.

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