Godly Modest Woman (A proverbs 31 woman)

by on June 29, 2013

Shocking revelations From a godly modest woman, Joanne Smith.

You can learn more at Joanne’s blog:

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2 comments on “Godly Modest Woman (A proverbs 31 woman)

  1. Mrs. Steven Stevenson on said:

    Hi, I want to see Joanne’s blog spot. It says above that we can go and see it, but then when you click on it, it says that you need to be invited in. Please invite me in. I’m interested in Biblical living. Thanks

  2. Mrs. Steven Stevenson on said:

    I’m sorry, I left the K out of my email address, I’ll post it below. I’m the same person as above, Mrs. Steven Stevenson. It’s difficult to find women who are interested in being Godly, I would welcome discussing these issues with some women here, please pass my email address to either Joanne or women like her. Thanks. PS, the fact that Joanne was very much “in the world” makes me want to listen to her. Thanks ps, please don’t forget to use the email address below that has the K in it, it is the correct one, if you are going to invite me to the blog.

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