From Model to Modesty

by on July 30, 2015

There comes a time when each person will realize they are living in the world or living for the Creator. Many people choose to make the way they look an idol in their life that they are not willing to let go of.

Valerie was in that situation but made a wise choice and picked the narrow path of righteousness.

She was a model and once her eyes were open to the truth she repented and began to dress modest according to our Creator Yahweh’s word!

Valerie is an amazing example of how Yahweh can change our heart and bless us when we forget about pleasing the world and choose to follow Him!

Hear her amazing story.
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4 comments on “From Model to Modesty

  1. Rosalie on said:

    Shalom, I think.that is so beautiful, I am 63, and always covered up, but I have to repent of this, a lady said to me oh you are getting wrinkles on your forehead, and a believer, what I want to say is ever since that I keep looking in the mirror, finding all.faults, it’s like those words took hold of me, this pride, this not of the father, it is like a torment, never in my life was I like this, please.can.You keep me pray, as I am repenting , I am so ashamed of my.behaviour,

    • Valerie Vaughan on said:

      Every time a comment is made to my mother (through me or my abba) that we see grey in here hair, she tells us how she loves every minute of it. She tells every one that she loves getting older.

      So right now I pray, Abba YAH Todah for giving this world Your daughter, Rosie. Help her to see what You see in her being a woman formed by Your own hands. Help her Abba to see beauty as You see it. Bring people her way that will encourage that inner beauty of humility which I have taken notice already in her, and emphasize this over all else. You are Faithful and a most pleasant Creator for us to think and speak of. Help all our thoughts be on You and Your mercy, power, and beauty. In Yahshua’s name I pray, Amein.

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