Dress Code at Church or Assembly

by on August 10, 2017
How do you dress when you go to church or an assembly?
Is it bringing glory to Yahweh or is it bringing glory to Satan.

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2 comments on “Dress Code at Church or Assembly

  1. Shalom Br. paul , im sure it doesnt matter what I think , Its about what ABBA says…. thats for sure…. I agree we need to dress according to the word and Not Cause our Brothers or Sisters to stumble, in our thoughts giving a door to the enemy . , BUT its the spirit also within people (believers) if they are tempted it can be A Spirit thats within them , please see the book by (Miguel Demelli) Recognizing the real enemy ). Example : look at islam the women cover them selves up to the eye balls. which we know is a Spirit of controll ( jezebel ) spirit can also dwell in men . So let us examine ourselves in everything so we All walk according to the word. Shalom shalom

  2. Yvonne Pina Silva on said:

    Shalom Brother Paul, I am in total agreement. This message needs to be taught. When women or men dress inappropriately to Church it takes the focus off of the message being taught and onto that person.
    Also hygiene-it isn’t healthy to wear tight clothing or high heels- I have literally taken notice to women in high heels that walk leaning forward-it is obvious they are in discomfort from the high heels.
    Make-up, clothing and the amount of perfume folks wear need to be addressed.

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