Don’t shave your beard or cut the sides of your head

by on July 07, 2013

Someone asked me about Leviticus 19:27
“You shall not round the side of your head, nor mar the corners of your beard.”

In this video I give the answer. The Israelites were directed by Our Creator not to cut their side locks or trim their beard because some of the pagan nations around them at the time practiced cutting their beards in a certain fashion, doing so in connection with the worship of their gods. (Jer. 9:26; 25:23)

If an Israelite adopted the same style, observers might well take it to be a symbol of his religious beliefs, signifying that he upheld pagan worship. Obediently, God’s people avoided this style of grooming or personal decoration. So it is appropriate to avoid decorations that would link a person with idolatrous worship.

It was a cultic practice, which some pagan deities looked like a devil goat and Our Creator didn’t want His people to resemble a devil goat deity.

It was also common for the pagans to cut or shave the sides of their heads. Same point as with the beard would apply.

6 comments on “Don’t shave your beard or cut the sides of your head

  1. Shalom Paul;

    I always tell guys that have the itchy face syndrome from growing out their beards – to use a little coconut oil, but many for some reason are alergic to that, so then; I suggest olive oil. That seems to sooth the itch. I don’t have that problem… I have had my beard for almost 15 years straight now – I only shaved when I was in the military when young – or during some jobs that would not permit it. Now I am disabled – so, I haven’t worried about it for around 15 years…


  2. Anthony on said:

    I have a beard as well but i do keep it trimmed though for job reasons mainly “mechanic ‘ , But the Torah does state “when you enter the land I am giving you. The Father was very specific this clause is spoken several times throughout the Torah . so if any man wants to grow a beard I would say to him do so because you only need the Fathers permission and he already gave it if your wife really loves you then she will accept it 🙂

  3. I been looking for a long time and askind my Father Yahweh and Yahsuha to help me find a good print of his Holy Word that has his real Name also a ministrie that I can grow with and shear my thoughts with who believes in the Name Yahweh my Elohim and Yahshua and His Ruah Ha’Qodesh…can you help me.if so please Email. Than You.

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