Do not conform to the world! Grow a beard and don’t be Gay!

by on February 16, 2016

(Torah Parashah #30 K’doshim
(Leviticus 19:1-20:27) 
As believers, we are told directly from our Creator that we are to be set apart. This teaching includes instructions on how to be set apart as well as warnings on what we have to avoid. I also talk about shaving versus having a beard. Are there any commands concerning this? Be sure to watch to get the whole story.

6 comments on “Do not conform to the world! Grow a beard and don’t be Gay!

  1. Peter Staugaitis on said:

    Paul, I love your message and although I was raised a Catholic I learned the truth and call myself a Bible following Christian and I am proud to say I am from the tribes of Israel. P.s. I’m growing a beard .

  2. Ashley Macedo on said:

    I’m excited to have found you on YouTube! I have converted to messianic Judaism because I have realized that I have been doing things the wrong way. I have strayed from God with Christianity and the false holidays! I want to keep the Torah and the original holidays. You may have videos on this already but can you teach what the Holy Days are And when they are and what they represent? Praise Jesus for you. Please explain how to be a messianic Jew ! Thank you

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