All Christians Should Try This

by on April 01, 2013

In this video I interviewed Christians who have been blessed by the Torah Life.

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  1. silvia on said:

    I’been a Christian for many years but never knew why i never observed the Sabbath, but i start observing for quite a while and it happen after i left my Christian church ordered by God Himself, that told me to leave that church, as soon as i left things start to change, starting to stop observing any Christian’s Holydays like Christmas and Easter, and the Lord told me to stop Sundays and start observing the Sabath and Sabbaths and He has taught me since, and i love it, but still some people don’t understand but as longer i obey the Lord that is the most important thing and i love it. The Word of God has been my best friend and the Lord Jesus Yeshua as been my everyting, my bread and water.

    • I just have to say its taken me a while seeking for the truth. Started in Genisis six, went from there to ancient Gods to the pagan holidays which inturn put the nail in the coffin persey. My Step dad passed on 5th of Dec a little over a year ago. I have grown up christian but I have never felt fulfilled in holidays. After I found out about my stepdads death I persued even more diligent in if these holidays are complete pagan and the church in the first century never observed Christmas nor easter what did they participate in. And ever since then I find nuggets of truth every day.I also just found a messianic congregation. First time last sabbath and it excites me the more I delve into the truth.

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