Bible Sabbath Fellowship January 6th, 2017 @ 10pm est.

by on January 06, 2017

Join host Paul Nison and 9 other friends as we fellowship and discuss Bible related topics.

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  1. John Nunnery on said:

    I was listening to you talk about birthday cakes and the question “Should we or should we not accept or eat them” was being discussed and I just wanted to add that Yehovah said we should not add to or take away from His Law. To say we shouldn’t accept birthday cakes from our mothers would be an addition to His word. We might have our own good reasons, but that would be a personal conviction that “we alone” should follow, but not as a law from Yehovah for us to condemn others with. The African missionary said something to the effect that “It’s not important that it doesn’t speak of birthday cakes, but “where does it speak of them?” Insinuating what? We should be careful of causing division over speculation for that kind of thinking is what leads to denominations among people. For you birthday cakes may be bad because of their long forgotten history, but what if I declared all of Yehovah’s children should live in poverty and I make a really good argument from His word? Would that make it Yehovah’s Instruction or mine? Let us not add to or take away from what He has declared, but let us simply pursue Him in faith and obedience in “what He has declared” and let each man follow his own conscious, working out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Shalom

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