Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday April 20th 2018 @ 10pm est

by on April 15, 2018

Host Paul Nison and 9 other guest fellowship and discuss Torah related topics.

Support Joseph Israel’s family

If you would like to be on the panel email me at the website contact tab.

The Torah Portion for this week
Torah Portion #28
M’tzora (Leviticus 14:1-15:33)

2 comments on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship Friday April 20th 2018 @ 10pm est

  1. Frances on said:

    Hello we (my husband and I) would like to be on the panel for the Friday night hangout. Not sure what that means completely. Does that mean we have to talk or can we just listen to the teaching? My name is Frances Newton and my husband’s name is Gary we’ve been married for going on 8yrs in Aug with children. We have been Torah observant for a few years now. We got in depth learning from Norman Willis’ books and met him once in Texas a few years back. We appreciate your ministry from obedience to Torah through loving Yeshua, to biblical modesty standards to health standards. Those topics from what I’ve witnessed are rarely discussed in depth by pastor’s in this movement because of the heated debates. May Yah continue to give you the zeal to serve Him. I will put my husband’s email adress where you can reach us both in the email box below. Shalom

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