Bible Sabbath Fellowship February 17th 2017 @ 10pm est

by on February 17, 2017

Host Paul Nison and 9 other guests fellowship and discuss Bible topics

3 comments on “Bible Sabbath Fellowship February 17th 2017 @ 10pm est

  1. Charles "Bud" Stilwell on said:

    Shalom Paul,

    Last night was my first night at the fellowship on line and I was truly Blessed.

    I have started to grow my beard as I already have a goatee going so the beard will come in in time. All ready 4 days into it.

    It will also be a salt and pepper beard like yours.

    Yeshua has been blessing me in my studies of the Jewish roots of our christian faith. I study from the Complete Jewish bible and also the Tree of Life verison along with the NIV.

    May Ha Shem continue to bless your ministries as you follow after Yeshua.

    Be Blessed this week,
    Brother Bud Stilwell

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