Are You Gentile or Israel?

by on March 17, 2012

Exodus 35:1 says Moses assembled the WHOLE COMMUNITY of Israel to hear the commands of our Creator. When you proclaim Yeshua as your Messiah do you stay a gentile or do you become Israel? Check out this video and find out.

5 comments on “Are You Gentile or Israel?

    • Jerry Jakubosky on said:

      Amen brother “How is the 4th commandment working for you!” No respones didnt even know the 4th commandment. Churches today do not ot cover the 10 commandments but call themselves Christians?

  1. Thomas White on said:

    Roman’s. 11:11-31 Let me know that I’m adopted and have the same rights as the blood family cause of YESHUA what he did on the cross ✝️

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