Acknowledging Yahweh

by on April 21, 2020


(#114 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

My pain is my dross,
Intimately removing, that there is no more.
My anger is my dross,
What once festered, now a healed sore.
My pride is my dross,
All these days, keeping me from Your face.
My fear is my dross,
You added heat, and love replaced.
My insecurity is my dross,
Your tender touch, Your consuming fire.
My resentment is my dross,
You sifted me and removed the mire.

Never have these been present in Your presence: pain, anger, pride, fear, insecurity, resentment and so much more. They will not exist in Your coming Kingdom, a Kingdom of perfection; a Kingdom ushered in by Your transformed people—forever priests (Hebrews 7:17).

A remnant of the remnant,
The few.
Those who choose the narrow path,
On the narrow path.
Seekers of the dross within,
Judges of self,
Fierce desire to root out
All that does not resemble You;
Messiah in me.

Who will come? Who will allow the rooting out to begin? Who will permit the light to come in? The days are short, the laborers few (Luke 10:2). The bounty offered up, more than you can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). There is a way. Give in. Hand over your will and conform to His. Stop the fight; stop striking the wind. Release the battle to Him. You praise; He fights. You give thanks; He protects borders. You serve; He gives charge to Malakim (Yahweh’s thoughts planted into the conscience).
Give in! Release all. Hand it over. He is waiting. The days are short.

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