Am I A Good Christian?

by on September 15, 2014

Today I reply to this question someone posted under a recent video:

I love eating pork. And go to church on Sunday. And I shaved my face. Does that make me a bad Christian ?

One comment on “Am I A Good Christian?

  1. As a child, I went to church. As many people do, I rebelled and stopped going to church when I moved out on my own. After many years of loving sin, I realized there was a void in my life. I turned to the Scriptures for answers. When I began studying the Scriptures for myself, I stopped calling myself a Christian. “Christianity” as a whole does not teach obedience, it teaches grace. I believe in grace but not the way it is taught in church. I like the video presented here that said that the believer tries to obey all the commandments. From what I have seen, most churches today teach sin is okay because grace covers all sin. This is why I stopped calling myself a Christian. I don’t want to be associated with any group that condones the deliberate and intentional breaking of YHWH’s commands. Keep up the good work.

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