Truth and Repentance

by on January 19, 2019

With a sad heart I make this video as I pull back from ministry work until I can measure up to Yahweh’ standard as a bible teacher. I have not up to this point. I ask your forgiveness, your prayers and your understanding. Thank You Bro Paul Nison

5 comments on “Truth and Repentance

  1. Joyce Savannah on said:

    Shabbat Shalom.
    We all at one time or another think more of ourselves than we should.
    You recognize your sin and you have taken steps to repent and go forward. Do not dwell on the past. Go forward and continue on.
    Just remembe r, repent and do not sin in this manner again.
    There are other leaders who never repent of their sins.
    You have not turned me away. You are honest. We are not Perfect Yet,
    Blessings to you.

  2. Jessica McMillin on said:

    My prayers for you are endless. Your admission is amazing and brave. You have helped bring me closer with more understanding than I ever have had.
    I too went through many bad marriages seeking the right person. Finally, I stopped looking. Till I healed with the grace of Yahweh. Once I healed enough, two years, I prayed that Yahweh would bless me with a good husband and I asked him to chose him because I was bad at choosing a man. In his amazing forgiveness and grace, he sent me a strong, Christian man, a very good man and we have been married for 12 years. The main thing after Yahweh, was in the two years I was without a man, I became closer to the Almighty. next I learned to love myself. I had always loved others but not myself. Once I decided I was worthy of a good man and a good life and asked Yahweh to choose him, it fell into place so beautifully, it amazed me! I listen sometimes, I read the bible I bought from your recommendations, I do not go to church and I pray so much. I do however enjoy listening to you and you have helped explain things where I understand them. I still listen to your readings and will continue. I hope they don’t disappear with you. Thank you for everything you do to help people like me understand the word. I pray your journey brings you back soon and you heal inside and out. Sometimes we have to stop listening to our mind and heart and needs and listen for his guidance and word, even when we think we are, we really aren’t. That to me is the devil. He wants all of us. If you leave forever or a long time, he has won. Do not allow this evil to win. We need you. We still need you. May God bless you on your journey and heal your heart and soul and bring you back to him and us.

  3. Dan and Irma Bibler on said:

    “Mercy unto you, peace and love be MULTIPLIED.” Jude 2:2 Please accept our our, the “Prepare to Meet The Bridegroom Ministry”, invitation to share your Heavenly Father’s gift to you; teaching benefits, joys and delights, your personal testimonies of serving Him and dwelling in His love. The invite is for Mar 20-27 at Ramona, Calif.

  4. Chris Schumaker on said:

    None of us are perfect. We each hold ourselves to a standard, when we fall short we repent and try harder. Where would we all be if Moss would have quit, if he would have decided climbing the hill was too much?
    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get to reading. You promised me and everyone else who listens you were going to read the entire bible, do what you promised.

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